How our online enrolment service impacts your privacy

We’ve created an online enrolment service that lets you enrol online using your New Zealand driver licence, passport or RealMe verified identity. To make sure our new service keeps your personal information secure, we did a privacy impact assessment (PIA). This document summarises our assessment and explains how our service will affect your privacy.

The purpose of our PIA is to:

  • identify the privacy risks of our service collecting your enrolment information and confirming your identity
  • consider the changes to what personal information we collect and the way we use, keep or dispose of your personal information through our new service
  • make sure our new service meets privacy obligations under the Privacy Act and Electoral Act
  • let us build privacy protections into our service to minimise privacy risks.

We based our PIA on the Privacy Act’s privacy principles, which set out how organisations should handle personal information. We also worked with the Office of the Privacy Commissioner and followed their PIA guidelines.