What is the Māori Electoral Option?

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The Māori Electoral Option is a choice for Māori about which electoral roll they want to be on: the Māori roll or the general roll.

When can you choose rolls?

If you are Māori, and enrolling to vote for the first time, you choose which electoral roll you want to be on.

You can also change your roll type at any time, except:

  • in the 3 months before a general election
  • in the 3 months before local elections which are held every 3 years
  • before a parliamentary by-election if the change would move you into the electorate where the by-election is being held.

If you’re Māori and enrolling for the first time you can still choose either the Māori roll or the general roll.

What does your choice mean for you?

How to make your choice

What’s changed?