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Voting from overseas

People who are overseas and enrolled in the Hamilton West general electorate can still vote in the Hamilton West by-election.

You are eligible to vote from overseas if you are enrolled in the Hamilton West general electorate and:  

  • you are a New Zealand citizen and have been in New Zealand within the last three years, or  
  • you are a permanent resident of New Zealand and have been in New Zealand in the last 12 months.

For electoral purposes, you are a permanent resident if you’re in New Zealand legally and not required to leave within a specific time. This could include someone who holds a valid resident or other visa.

Are you eligible to enrol and vote?

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Vote before you go   

If you’ll still be in New Zealand when advance voting opens it will be easier to vote before you go overseas.  You can vote at any voting place in the Hamilton West electorate from Monday 28 November until Saturday 10 December.

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How to get your voting papers from overseas  

You can vote from overseas from Wednesday 23 November. Voting papers are not automatically sent to voters who are overseas.  

The easiest and quickest way to vote from overseas is to download and complete your voting papers for the Hamilton West by-election from this website.

You must be enrolled before you can download your voting papers.  

Download your voting papers from overseas

If you are on the unpublished roll or inside New Zealand you will not be able to download your voting papers.  Please contact us at overseas@vote.nz as soon as possible.

How to complete your voting papers

A recent law change means overseas voters can now mark their ballot paper digitally, and overseas voters and their witnesses can complete the special vote declaration using a digital signature.

You may also choose to print your voting papers and scan or photograph then upload them.

Completing your voting papers

How to return your voting papers from overseas  

Completed voting papers can uploaded on this website, or hand delivered or posted to an overseas voting place. For this by-election the overseas voting places are located in Sydney and London.    

You cannot return your voting papers by email or fax. 

Full information on how to return your completed voting papers will be included with your voting papers.

Upload your voting papers from overseas

Voting from overseas with Telephone Dictation Voting

If you’re enrolled to vote in the Hamilton West general electorate and you’re blind, partially blind or have another physical disability that prevents you from marking your voting paper without assistance, you’re eligible to vote by telephone dictation. 

You need to register to use the telephone dictation service in the by-election, even if you've used it at previous elections.

Telephone Dictation Voting

Contact us

If you have any questions, please contact us at overseas@vote.nz or call +64 9 909 4182.